Sunday, 16 September 2012

LiveBinders - Managing Resources

I was listening to Clare Amos's top 10 tips for BYOD which is from a secondary school perspective, but nevertheless parts are still very relevant for primary school.

I was curious about the mention of Livebinders which is an online binder used to organise information.  Clare recommended in her talk, students use Livebinders to gather links, information, research assignments etc.

I investigated further and Livebinders is a great tool for in the classroom both for students and teachers. 

This is a great example of using Livebinders for instructional writing using a recipe .

I discovered this Livebinder which is a 'digital toolbox' for teachers which is invaluable

I'm planning to introduce Livebinders this week with a year 6 class as well as at our staff meeting.  Teachers could use Livebinders  to organise websites for their class as an alternative to using favourites, social bookmarking sites like Delicious or wikispaces.

Do you use Livebinders or an equivalent?  If so, please share by commenting below.

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