Saturday, 1 December 2012

Interactive Photos

If you haven't used in class yet, I would highly recommend it.

Children do need an email address to create a login.  This is another great opportunity to reinforce copyright on photos.

Thinglink gives you the ability to add a photo and then tag the photo, with each tag being a clickable link i.e. to youtube clip, information website, soundcloud etc, therefore making the photo interactive.

It's so flexible you can use it in so many different ways.

One class had taken photos of the cakes they had made as a final product from their inquiry on sweet treats.  They had created jingles to go with their cakes which they recorded with easispeaks and then uploaded their recordings into which they then linked to their photos on thinglink.  They also linked in videos on how to do fondant icing, recipes etc too.   

Another class had been busy making advent calendars, so they ended up taking a photo of their finished calendars and then tagging each day.  They recorded reading Christmas stories, making Christmas music using garageband, singing which they uploaded to and then linked to their photos in thinglink.  They also added tags to videos, Christmas info etc.
Have a look at some of them on their blog here

Another class let their children choose what they were passionate about.  Here's a couple of their examples.

The use for thinglink is only limited by the imagination.  You could use this easily across the curriculum.

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