Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Create a Complete Google Apps Resource in Minutes

Our school is going down the path of Google Apps and I have recently set this up together with Teacher Dashboard (manages classes with Google Apps easily).

I was having a look through what we could do with creating websites using the Sites feature of Google Apps and discovered a template which creates a full Google Apps resource and it's customisable.

Brilliant if your school is going Google Apps and using this provides a complete resource with videos, tutorials etc.

Here are the instructions.

Once signed into Google and in the Sites area of Google,

1. Create new Site,

2. Click on "Browse the Gallery for more"

3. Either scroll down or type in the search box "Apps",  to find the template called Apps Learning Centre.

4.  Complete setting up the rest of your Site, giving a name etc and customise your resource as necessary.

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