Monday, 2 September 2013

How are you driving your own learning?

There are so many opportunities to drive your own professional development  these days, it can become a little overwhelming. Where do you start?

At a staff meeting I presented staff with some key professional development learning opportunities - best of the best - to encourage everyone to get behind that wheel and start the journey.   There is a little bit of something for everyone.

When presenting I like to use demonstrate the use of different tools, so this time I tried out Haiku Deck which is an app on the iPad which focusses on the visual side of presenting and you are easily able to select from a range of non copyright photos available at your finger tips through the app.  I found it quick and easy to use.  The downside is it doesn't offer voice and you can't hyperlink websites. (as a side note, I recently read a post which talked about importing a Haiku Deck into the Explain Everything app, then you can add voice that way.  When there's a will there's a way I say!

I have provided all links that are included in the presentation below.

Develop a Personal Learning Network
We need to be connected and collaborate as educators so we can not only continue our own learning journey but be role models for our students.  Our students are growing up connected and collaborating, therefore we need to get our hands in there, so we understand the world our students are growing up in!!!

Virtual Learning Network
A network developed through which teachers are connecting through in their droves.  If you want to find what iPad app to use for reading etc, this is the place to go.  Great place to share your own ideas to.

Connect to Teaching Ideas and Free Technology for Teachers which will be a  good start.  

I will do a separate post on Twitter as I have developed a 14 day challenge to twitter.  Twitter is the best PD I have ever had and I would really encourage you to get connected. Even if you start by searching on #ICOT2013 or #EdChatNZ, #GAFE.

These are six of the top blogs I would recommend to start with.
These are fabulous opportunities.  I love getting involved and presenting, but the formats also let you go along and observe until you gain confidence to get more involved.

So take your first steps and get 'driving your own learning'. 

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